Tom Clancy

Bestselling Author of the Jack Ryan Novels

Tom Clancy

Thirty years ago Tom Clancy was a Maryland insurance broker with a passion for naval history. Years before, he had been an English major at Baltimore's Loyola College and had always dreamed of writing a novel. His first effort, The Hunt for Red October, sold briskly as a result of rave reviews, then catapulted onto the New York Times bestseller list after President Reagan pronounced it "the perfect yarn." From that day forward, Clancy established himself as an undisputed master at blending exceptional realism and authenticity, intricate plotting, and razor-sharp suspense. He passed away in October 2013. 

Praise for the Bestselling Novels of Tom Clancy

"He constantly taps the current world situation for its imminent dangers and spins them into an engrossing tale." —The New York Times Book Review

"Heart-stopping action. . . entertaining and eminently topical." —The Washington Post

"Brilliant" —Newsweek

"Highly entertaining" —The Wall Street Journal

Books By Tom Clancy

Command Authority
SKU: 9780425275139
Threat Vector
SKU: 9780425262306
Locked On
SKU: 9780425248607
Against All Enemies
SKU: 9780425246061
Dead or Alive
SKU: 9780425244852
Every Man A Tiger
SKU: 9780425207369
Battle Ready
SKU: 9780425198926
Into the Storm
SKU: 9780425196779
Fighter Wing
SKU: 9780425217023
The Teeth Of The Tiger
SKU: 9780425197400
SKU: 9780425190012
Shadow Warriors
SKU: 9780425188316
Red Rabbit
SKU: 9780425191187
The Bear and the Dragon
SKU: 9780425180969
SKU: 9780425166826
Rainbow Six
SKU: 9780425170342
SKU: 9780425157701
SKU: 9780425154540
Executive Orders
SKU: 9780425158630
Debt of Honor
SKU: 9780425147580
Armored Cav
SKU: 9780425158364
The Sum of All Fears
SKU: 9780440001058
Clear and Present Danger
SKU: 9780440001065
The Cardinal of the Kremlin
SKU: 9780425116845
Patriot Games
SKU: 9780440001034
Red Storm Rising
SKU: 9780425101070
The Hunt for Red October
SKU: 9780440001027