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Bestselling Author of the Jack Ryan Novels

Mike Maden

I grew up working in the canneries, feed mills and slaughterhouses of California's San Joaquin Valley. A lifelong fascination with history and warfare ultimately lead to a Ph.D. in political science focused on conflict and technology in international relations. Like millions of others, I first became a Tom Clancy fan after reading The Hunt for Red October, and began my published fiction career in the same techno-thriller genre, starting with DRONE and the sequels, BLUE WARRIOR, DRONE COMMAND and DRONE THREAT. I'm honored to be joining "The Campus" as a writer in the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan, Jr., series. POINT OF CONTACT is my first novel is this new adventure.

Books By Mike Maden

Tom Clancy Firing Point
SKU: 978-0593188064
Tom Clancy Enemy Contact
SKU: 9780525541707
Tom Clancy Line of Sight
SKU: 9780735215948
Tom Clancy Point of Contact
SKU: 9780735215887