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Brian Andrews

Brian is a US Navy veteran, nuclear engineer, and former submarine officer. He graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in psychology, holds a Master's in business from Cornell, and is a Park Leadership Fellow. He is a principal contributor at Career Authors, a site dedicated to advancing the careers of aspiring and published writers: 

He is half of Andrews & Wilson, the USA Today, Wall Street Journal, & #1 Amazon best-selling co-author team behind multiple series including: 

- TIER ONE, a military thriller series featuring Navy SEAL, John Dempsey. 

- SONS OF VALOR, a TIER ONE shared world series from Blackstone Publishing.

- THE SHEPHERDS, a faith-based, supernatural thriller series from Tyndale House. 

- ACT OF DEFIANCE, Jack Ryan #24 in the Tom Clancy universe

In addition to their novels, Andrews & Wilson have multiple projects under development for film and television with major motion picture studios including: Tier One, Dark Intercept, 4 Minutes, Portal, Quantum War, Glitch, and The In Between.

Find Brian online at: 

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