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Tom Clancy Act of Defiance

Tom Clancy Act of Defiance

Tom Clancy Act of Defiance
A Jack Ryan Novel
By Brian Andrews & Jeffrey Wilson
Published by G.P. Putnam's Sons
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Coming May 21st!

When a Russian superweapon is let loose under the waves, it's up to President Jack Ryan to find a countermove in the latest entry in this #1 New York Times bestselling series.

US intelligence says there's something going on in Russia. While their land forces have been decimated by corruption and incompetence, the Navy seems to be pouring money into some secret project. 

Analysts are stumped, until the knot is untangled by one particularly bright young woman at the Office of Naval Intelligence--Katie Ryan, the youngest daughter of President Jack Ryan. Like her father, she sees patterns where other don't, and she's determined that the Russians are about to launch a super missile submarine, the Belgorod. 

Now the race is on to determine where the sub is and whether it poses a threat to the continental US.

Hardcover; ebook; audiobook | 560 pages | 978-0593422878 | May 21, 2024